CentHER Stage is a keynote speaker bootcamp for women in traditional and digital marketing eager to kickstart their speaking careers, share their story and make their voices heard.

Over three days, participants will refine their story, learn the ins and outs of engaging public speaking and pick the brains of some of the industry’s top-rated speakers.

Participants will leave with a video recording of their presentation, speaker landing page, headshot and the confidence to take the stage knowing you belong there.

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Gain the skills, confidence and experience you need to land speaking gigs at marketing and MarTech events.

Ladies, are you ready to kickstart your speaking career?

Email Amy at amy.wood@unbounce.com to find out all the ways you can champion CentHER Stage.

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What is it?


Welcome reception

Workshopping, 1-on-1 coaching and refining

CentHER Stage mini-conference

FRI. OCT. 20

SAT. OCT. 21

SUN. OCT. 22

Applications for CentHER Stage 2017 are now closed

Your Coaches

Alexa Hubley

Michael Aagaard

Stef Grieser

Oli Gardner

Speaking on a stage in front of 1000+ people, not to mention my entire company, was seriously nerve wracking, but in the end it was incredible - one of the highlights of my career. I took the stage confidently because Oli and Michael spent countless hours coaching me to greatness. Between the two of them, they listened my talk more than a dozen times, giving me the feedback I needed to take it from average to excellent. The result? A top 10 speaker score with some serious ripple effects. Since then I've been invited to speak at numerous conferences, and am even more passionate about paving the way for more female speakers to achieve greatness.



What is the cost?
Attending CentHER Stage is completely free; however, transportation to and from will not be provided, nor will hotel. If you’re from out of town, we suggest pitching CentHER Stage to your boss — becoming a thought leader in your industry is good for you and the company you work for!

Do you offer scholarships? 
We cannot pay for flights and hotel for out of towners at this time; however, we may be able to offer partial scholarships to those with financial need. Please email Amy directly at amy.wood@unbounce.com and we can chat.

Is three days enough time to write a speech, create a slide deck and build a landing page? 
Nope, these things take time, which is why we’ll be providing participants with assignments and resources leading up to the event. Participants will be expected to come to the bootcamp with a rough 10-minute speech, slide deck and landing page. The weekend will then be spent networking, perfecting and presenting your expert-approved presentations. 

Why did you launch CentHER Stage?  
Like many other women, we got tired of being told the reason there wasn’t a gender diverse lineup is because “there aren’t enough qualified female speakers.” But rather than just talk about the problem, we wanted to be part of the solution. CentHER Stage was launched as a means to empower women in marketing and technology with the tools and experience they need to get up on stage and share their knowledge. Want more background? Check out this post by Stef Grieser.  

I am a trans woman/non-binary person — can I apply for CentHER Stage? 

Speaking on the CTAConf stage was, by far, the best moment of my career. I’d never done anything like it before… so you can imagine how nervous and excited I was. Luckily, Oli Gardner, Unbounce co-founder (and PRO public speaker) took me under his wing. For 12 weeks leading up to the conference, I workshopped and presented my talk to him and dozens of my colleagues. By the time I got up on stage, I ended up superseding my expectations by achieving a top 10 speaker ranking. The whole experience has given me a huge boost of confidence and desire to keep taking risks. I’m so grateful for the opportunity!


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October 20-22, 2017 | Vancouver, Canada

Where is CentHER Stage hosted at?
Unbounce Headquarters, 400-401 West Georgia St. Vancouver, BC

Applications are now closed!

Joanna Wiebe

Lianna Patch

Kristen Craft

Claire Suellentrop

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